Ricardo Moya García, Ph.D

I am Ricardo Moya, PhD in Science and Technology of Computing by UPM university. My job experience is focused on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, that are my biggest interest and vocation.

I have worked in innovation departments related to Smart Cities and IoT, as a researcher in the areas of Recommendation Systems and (Deep) Machine Learning and as a Big Data Engineer in Devo (former Logtrust, in its Startup phase), evolving to Project Manager and Project Director, leading important Big Data in Real Time projects for Telcos and Media (i managed teams of more than 20 people). At Devo I experienced great professional growth working hard and acquiring important responsibilities in the transition from Startup to successful Company in the market of Big Data in Real Time.

Currently work in Telefonica I+D (R&D) in the area of ​​CDO (Chief Data Officer) as Data Scientist and Technical Leader in the development and productivization IA Solutions. I also work as a professor of Master in the University, teaching subjects and directing projects related to the field of Data Science and Big Data.

Since 2012 I write technical articles, tutorials and video tutorials related to software engineering and artificial intelligence on jarroba.com websiteof which I am a co-founder.


# Ph.D in Science and Technology of Computing for Smart Cities

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

Sep 2013 - Mar 2015

The PhD thesis was focused on the areas of Machine Learning and Recommender Systems and has been passed with Cum laude. The aim of PhD thesis was the designing of a visual and simple inference model that allow users infer by themselves the recommendations from their tastes.

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# MSc in Science and Technology of Computing

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

Oct 2011 - Jun 2013

Master in Research and Innovation mainly oriented in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence areas. The average note was 9.43, obtaining two enrollment of honor in the subject "Neural Networks and Applications" and in the "Final Project Master".

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# Technical Engineering in Computer Systems

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

Oct 2006 - Jun 2011

Degree obtained with an average note of 7.65 and two enrollment of honor in the subjects of Robotics and Mechatronics.

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# Technological Specialist in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data fields

Telefonica I+D (CDO)

Sep 2017 - now

Artificial Intelligence and Technical Leader in the development and productivization of internal use cases. My job is to design and implement PoCs and IA Solutions as well as lead (at a technical level) the work teams.

  • Tasks: Analyze and design IA solutions, implement IA solutions, lead teams (at a technical level)

  • Technologies: Python, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Spark, Hadoop, SQL, Linux, AWS, Google Cloud, Git

  • Knowledge: Artificial Intelligence, (Deep) Machine Learning, Recommender Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Big Data, Agile Methodologies

# Co-Founder & Executive Team Member

AI-Network Association

Jan 2019 - now

AI-Network is an Artificial Intelligence Professional Association and Think Tank, organized by a network of AI professionals, professors and researchers with the objective to promote and support the early adoption of IA in companies and Society.
As a network, our AI professionals, professors, and researchers have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge projects, contributing to build a better world with AI.

  • Tasks: Management the training area (AI-Education), developing and coordinating the educational offer for different levels and study areas.

# External Lecturer of Master in Data Science & Big Data


Apr 2018 - now

As a Lecturer I teach subjects and direct Master projects related to the field of data science and Artificial Intelligence. I teach the following subjects:

  • Data Analysis Introduction: (30 hours/course) Data Wrangling & Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) with Pandas; a gentle introduction to data visualization with Matplotlib & Seaborn; Regression, Classification, Clustering & Dimensionality Reduction (PCA) with scikit-learn.

  • Deep | Machine Learning: (30 hours/course) Main techniques of Machine Learning (Supervised & Unsupervised Lerning) and Deep Learning (MLP, CNN, RNN) with scikit-learn & Keras

  • Natural Language Procesing: (18 hours/course) Text normalization and classification, Sentimental Analysis and Topic Modeling with NLTK, spaCy, Gensim and scikit-learn libraries.

  • Recommender Systems: (12 hours/course) Collaborative Filtering (KNN & Matrix Factorization Techniques), Content Based Filtering (LDA, LSI), Demographic Filtering (Clustering Techniques) and Hybrid filtering.

  • Reinforcement Learning: (9 hours/course) Reinforcement learning Lifecycle, Elements and Terminology in RL, Explore vs Explode, Q-Function: State-Action Value Function, Q-Table, Multi-armed Bandit, Algorithms: Q-Learning, SARSA Learning and Deep Q-Learning.

  • Unsupervised Learning Introduction: (6 hours/course) Clustering: K-Means, Gaussian Mixture Models, Hierarchical clustering (Dendrograms), DBSCAN, K-Modes. Dimensionality reduction: PCA and LDA.

    • Course 2019-20

  • Introduction to Python: (30 hours/course) A Gentle Introduction to Python programming language.

    • Courses: 2017-18, 2018-19

  • Introduction to R: (30 hours/course) A Gentle Introduction to R programming language.

    • Course 2018-19

# External Lecturer of Master in Data Science and Business Analytics for Professionals

IMF Business School

May 2020 - now

As a Lecturer I teach subjects related to the field of Artificial Intelligence. I teach the following subjects:

  • Artificial intelligence for business: (30 hours/course) Online content author and Lecturer. Introduction to artificial intelligence, Techniques and applications for decision making (Expert systems, machine learning, combinatorial optimization), Reinforcement learning and applications, Techniques and applications of natural language processing (NLP) and Recommendation systems and applications

    • Courses: 2020-21

  • Analytical applications in Telco sector: (8 hours/course)

    • Courses: 2019-20, 2020-21

# Big Data Project Director

Devo (former Logtrust)

Oct 2016 - Sep 2017
1 Year

As Projects Director, I lead various Big Data projects (including transformation projects) for telcos and media. My main tasks are: teams, tasks and meetings management, requirements gathering, solving problems, research and learning the domain of telcos and media; and divulgation of knowledge.

  • Tasks: Management: Teams, Tasks and Meetings, Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Problems Resolution, Research and Learning, Training, Presentations

  • Technologies: PowerBI

  • Knowledge: Logtrust, Telcos, Media, Business Intelligence, Big Data

# Big Data Project Manager

Devo (former Logtrust)

Nov 2015 - Oct 2016
11 Months

As a project manager, I have managed Big Data projects for telcos and media, extracting knowledge from large amounts of data. The main tasks were: requirements gathering, solving problems, data analysis, dashboads design for information representation and task management; and my developing team.

  • Tasks: Management: Teams and Tasks, Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Problems Resolution, Training

  • Technologies: Python, Linux, Git, PowerBI

  • Knowledge: Logtrust, Telcos, Media, Business Intelligence, Exploratory Data Analysis, Big Data

# Big Data Engineer

Devo (former Logtrust)

Abr 2015 - Oct 2016
1 Year, 6 Months

As a Big Data engineer, i have worked in the development and operation of Logtrust, specializing in projects for Telcos and Media. The main tasks were the optimization of ETL algorithms and development of dashboards to represent the information.

  • Tasks: Development, Training

  • Technologies: Python, Java, Javascript, Linux, Git

  • Knowledge: Logtrust, Exploratory Data Analysis, Big Data, ETL

# Research Scientist in Machine Learning & Big Data

The App Date

Nov 2014 - Feb 2015
4 Months

Job, orientated to processing and managing large amounts of data (Big Data), obtained with "scraping techniques" through the Internet and "Tor network".

  • Tasks: Development, Design

  • Technologies: Python, Java, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Linux, Git

  • Knowledge: Machine Learning, Recommender Systems, Scraping, Big Data

# Recommendation Systems and IA expert

Gigigo Group

Sep 2013 - Sep 2014
1 Year, 1 Month

Desing and development of Recommender System of TwentyOne App and development the backend of Whatsred App. TwentyOne recommended content of social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, based on the tastes that are obtained from the user's behavior in the app.

  • Tasks: Development, Design

  • Technologies: Java, PHP, MongoDB, Spring, Silex, Rest Services, Linux, Vagrant, Git

  • Knowledge: Recommender Systems

# Research Assistant in Machine Learning

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Oct 2012 - Jul 2013
10 Months

Researcher assistant in "Intelligent Systems for Social and Virtual Environments" UPM university research group. I worked to improve the Recommender Systems based in collaborative filtering, using matrix factorization techniques and other techniques like Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic and Natural Computing.

  • Tasks: Research

  • Technologies: Java, Python, Matlab, MySql, Git

  • Knowledge: Machine Learning, Recommender Systems

# Research Engineer (Scholar)

Ericsson España

Oct 2011 - Jul 2012
10 Months

Job developed in Ericsson Spain innovation department, oriented to finding M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions in the context of Smart Cities. My task was to proposing and developing different prototypes for M2M solutions.

  • Tasks: Development, Design PoCs

  • Technologies: Java, C, MySql, Android, Arduino

  • Knowledge: IoT, Innovation Processes


# Jarroba.com

Co-Founder of jarroba.com with Ramón Invarato (University collegue). Web page of technical articles and tutorial related to software engineering. Frequently I write articles and do tutorials and video-tutorials on the following topics: Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Languages Programing (especially Java and Python), Mobile Applications, Web Technologies, Operative Systems and Networks.

# Writing: Machine Learning (in python), with examples

This book (which is being written) aims to explain the main techniques of Machine Learning with a very practical approach, implemented in python all the techniques that are presented. Additionally, these techniques will be implemented using libraries such as scikit-learn, gensim, TensorFlow, etc. Followed this development in: https://jarroba.com/machine-learning-python-ejemplos

# Expert system of prediction football pools (1X2)

This expert system (programmed in Java) for predicting football pools (1X2) was created as a project for "Neural Networks and Applications" application subject in the MSc, obtaining by this expert system an enrollment of honor. This expert system was developed using different techniques of "Machine Learning" and doing Scraping (33069 results) to obtain a historic soccer results for the 1st and 2nd Spanish division.

# Course Teacher: "Curso iOS desde cero"

(Aug 2012) 12-houred free course imparted at the Cathedral of Innovation in Madrid, for the aim of introducing people to developing applications for Apple mobile devices (iPhone). This course consist on introducing and management Apple's IDE (Xcode), teaching Objective-C programming language and the principal items of iOS applications (UIPickerView, UITableView, UICollectionView, etc).


# Master ThePowerMBA

The Power MBA  

Ago 2020 - Now
100h aprox

Business Master focused on: Business Models, Business & Marketing Fundamentals, Strategy, Lean Startup, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Accounting and Finance.

# MSc Big Data Expert

Formación Haddop  

Oct 2016 - Aug 2017

Online Master of 150h focused on professionals who want to learn the most important technologies of Big Data: Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Spark, SolR, Hive, Kafka, etc.

# Development of cloud services with HTML5, JS and Node.js

Miriada X  

May 2015 - Aug 2015

Course oriented to develop web applications with Node and Express (javascript).

# MongoDB for Python Developers

MongoDB University  

Jan 2015 - Feb 2015

In this course was orientated to develop applications with Python, using "bottle framewok" (CRUD, Schema Design, Aggregation Framework, ...)

# Scrum Manager

Scrum Manager  

Oct 2014

The exam of this accreditation, certifies the knowledge to carry out a professional and solvent performance in projects working with Scrum Framework and Agile Methodologies.

# Machine Learning


Jun 2014 - Sep 2014

Course imparted by Ph.D Andrew NG from Standford University. In this course were explained the most used techniques of Machine Learning (Linear and Logistic Regression, Neural Networks, SVM, PCA, Recommender Systems, Anomaly Detection, Clustering, etc).

# Aguile & Lean

Miriada X  

Oct 2013 - Nov 2013

Course taught by Ph.D Javier Garzas of Rey Juan Carlos University. In this course are explained the Scrum framework to management agile software project.

# MongoDB for DBAs

MongoDB University  

Oct 2013 - Nov 2013

This course was orientated to the management of MongoDB in production environments (CRUD, Performance, Replication, Scalability, Backups).


I am a sport resistance fan: Athletics, Cycling, Swimming and Triathlon especially; sport that I practiced in a "Semi-Profesional" way. During this period, I won two individual Spanish Championships (GR20-24 in 2006 and U23 Long Distance Spanish Championships in 2008) as well as many championships in Spain (both individual category and team): Club League Championships, Madrid Championships and many podiums in triathlons and popular races like "San Silvestre Vallecana" and "Canillejas" in Promise category. I also ran Madrid's Marathon in 2010 and an IronMan in Barcelona (3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42,2Km running) considered one of the hardest races in the world, in 2009.

On the other hand, I am "Ciclo Indoor" monitor (by the FEDA) with more than three years of experience teaching.